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The artist John Franzen examines the act of creation, and its inexorable link with destruction, in his artwork Each Line One Breath.
Parkview Art Hong Kong: "Starting with a single straight line, each subsequent line seeks to imitate its predecessor. The pattern that evolves is unique to each piece just as each breath, and therefore each line, will vary slightly. Depending on the artist’s constitution, each work obtains an individual motion, which distinguishes it from the others. Concentration and the repetitive act of inhaling and exhaling between each line allows the whole to evolve naturally into logarithmic-like patterns and layers.
Franzen’s works explores issues regarding the human spiritual nature and origin. The line being the fundamental component of a drawing and the breath is the life giving force for a human being. Franzen tries to remove all superfluous things and leave behind only the most fundamental existential components of the drawing and the drawer."

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